Sales Page

Be sure to read the Farm's Terms!
1st and foremost, we will not sell a single kid or goat unless we know
that they will have a suitable companion, in other words another goat.

Payments must be in guaranteed funds:
Only Cash, Money Order, PayPal or Cashiers Check will be excepted.
No Personal or business checks will be accepted at any time.
We reserve the right to accept cash only at time of pick-up.

Memorial Day Speacial's
Going On Now!

Take $50.00 off adult's price.

2018 Kids are here and listed in order of birth on our breading schedual page.

We are selling off some of our breeding does and bucks!
They are listed here.

For photo's of them see the doe and buck pages.

Junior Doe's & Senior Doe's For Sale

Junior Nigerian Dwarf Doe's
$350.00 - SnR's OL Lovely Little Miracle
(Small yearling doe - Born April 10, 2017)
Pet Only
Senior Nigerian Dwarf Doe's For Sale

$400.00 - SnR's MS Golden Sahara Sands AV++82
(2018 - 2nd Freshener)

$450.00 - SnR's ACA Razy Ema Blue Attire +V++82
(2018 - 2nd Freshener)
Senior Alpine Doe's For Sale

$400.00 - SnR's ZS Silver Sky
(75 % Recorded Grade Alpine - 2018 - 2nd Freshener)
Polled Yearling Buck For Sale

$200.00 - Arctic Light's Last Wild Night