Farm Terms

SnR's Farm terms are subject to change at any time without notice.
Here in all kids and adult goats are referenced as either goat or goats unless other wise stated.

The terms below are to protect us (the seller) and you (the buyer).  We require everyone to initial & sign a terms sheet when purchasing a goat from us.    
First and foremost, we will not sell a "single" goat unless we know that they will have a suitable companion, in other words another goat.  We maintain the right to keep any goat at any time.  All goats are sold on "sellers terms". 

Anyone can purchase the goat you are looking at if you do not put a deposit down.   If mailing in your deposit, send it by Certified Mail along with a signed and initialed copy of the terms
sheet.  Once mailed, email us your tracking number.  Once we have your tracking number and it has been confirmed with the postal service we will post the goat as sale pending.  Remember with out a tracking number on the payment/deposit/Terms Sheet the goat you are looking at purchasing could be sold to another person.  If certification comes postage due the postage will be added to the price of the goat.  If paying via Pay Pal, buyer agrees to the terms laid out in the terms sheet and agrees to sign a terms sheet at time of pick up or will mail in a signed terms sheet.  Buyer understands that they are responsible for any and all PayPal fees and will pay said fee's at time of pick up along with any outstanding monies due. Please contact us before sending in your deposit on a certain goat as we may not have updated our website with  incoming deposits/payments. 
There will be no refunds on canceled orders of any kind.  Once a buyer cancels all funds are forfeited.  If buyer decide to cancel/change their mind, they cannot change their mind later and un-cancel it.   A new deposit will be required along with a new-signed Terms Sheet.  All money is non-refundable except in the event the goat should pass away while at SnR's Farm.  We reserve the right to refuse to sell a goat to anyone as we see fit, even if a deposit was applied or paid in full prior to pick up.  In the event we refuse to sell a goat, a refund may be given depending on the
circumstances.  It is at our (the sellers) discretion to decide what the circumstances are for a refund.
Since we cannot possibly, have any control over how a goat is managed once leaving our possession, it will be understood that upon the goat leaving our property, all liabilities and responsibilities for the goat immediately transfers to the buyer.  We will not take a goat back, because we cannot be sure that it has not been exposed to diseases while away from our farm. 
As the goat represents a potential, we cannot/will not guarantee that the purchaser will like their goat once they get it home. We cannot/will not guarantee how large a goat will be.  We cannot/will not guarantee how much milk a goat will produce.  We cannot/will not guarantee that a goat won't grow scurs (small horn growths).  We cannot/will not guarantee the future health of the goat.  We cannot/will not guarantee the goat will be of show quality, breeding quality, or fertile.  There will be no refunds for any reasons. 

A goat is not bought until it is paid in full AND LEAVES SNR'S FARM.  Payments must be in guaranteed funds:  cash,  money order,  cashiers check or PayPal. No personal or business checks will be accepted at any time.  We reserve the right to accept cash only at time of pick-up.
The terms above are the farms base terms.  Click on a terms sheet tab below for the detailed terms for Non Weaned Kids or Adults & Already Weaned Kids.  The tabs below are linked to the actual terms SnR's Farm has buyers sign.  They are more indepth and tailored for the sale of non weaned & bottle babies as well as adult & weaned kids.    SnR's Farm asks all buyers to sign a Terms Sheet and a Sales Receipt.
         Non Weand Kids Terms
(Kids Already On The Ground)
Non Weaned Kids Sales Receipt
 (Kids Already On The Ground)
Adults & Already Weaned Kids Terms
       Adult & Already Weaned
               Kids Sales Receipt